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Monitor activity and productivity. Manage identity and access. Respond to incidents.
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Kriptone is universal employee activity monitoring software that tracks any user action on


Session Recording and Audit

Indexed session video records

Unlike competitors, We uses a session video format that's easy to interpret. Whether it's an authorized, compromised, or backdoor account session and no matter the level of permissions, all sessions are fully recorded and all action context is captured.


Screen video recording

Each user session is recorded with configurable video quality. Recording can be triggered and filtered or include each second from session start to finish.

A YouTube-like player with FF and Live Session View options enables effortless analysis.


In-video episode search

Our system enables search by keywords (name of the application opened, command entered, or word typed) both within the current session and across all recorded sessions.


Context-rich recordings

Unlike basic screen monitoring software, our system captures a number of additional employee activity logs used to index session video records: current application name, opened URLs, executed Linux commands, keystrokes, and more.

Metadata facilitates session analysis, PC user activity monitoring, search, alerting, and reporting.




Real-time alerts

Automatic alerts on suspicious events

Our employee computer monitoring software includes an advanced alert system capable of notifying you in real time about potentially dangerous events in your infrastructure and automatically responding.


Predefined and custom alerts

Our system provides libraries of the most important alerts and allows you to build custom alerts using activity parameters such as user and application names, window titles, folder or file names, URLs visited, USB devices connected, keywords typed, and Linux commands and parameters entered. You can specify a risk level for each alert and it will be reflected in reporting and monitoring information.

A YouTube-like player with FF and Live Session View options enables effortless analysis.


Automated incident response

For the most critical alerts, you can set up automated incident response actions. These include employee activity monitoring notifications for your security team, allowing them to detect and immediately analyze an issue; customizable warning messages for users who trigger alerts, requiring them to acknowledge their actions; user blocking; and killing of related applications and processes.


USB management

Any comprehensive employee monitoring system should audit USB device usage. Our system not only logs and alerts about various USB device connections but can also block them with rules, whitelists, and blacklists.




Productivity monitoring

Our system offers advanced productivity monitoring functionality to help you get a comprehensive view of your employees’ performance. With Kriptone's employee productivity tracking software, you can efficiently monitor your staff’s productivity, receive scheduled reports, and set alerts to prevent security incidents.


Productivity report

Use our employee productivity monitoring software to track the active and idle time of employees. This allows you to determine downtime with no user input and get valuable insights into how much time your employees actually spend actively working. You can even configure a schedule to automatically receive productivity reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


User activity and URL reports

Leverage the power of user activity reports to determine which applications are used by which users or groups of users at a specific time. You can also request deeper insights like the duration of work for each application and try URL reports to compare how much time employees spend on work-related websites compared to social media and other entertainment resources.


Alerts functionality

Our software for employee monitoring automatically sends notifications to managers when an employee launches an unwanted application or accesses a restricted website, allowing the manager to review the flagged session. This allows you to efficiently prevent inappropriate use of the internet and eliminate security risks.




Identity and access management

Our software to monitor employees provides powerful identity and access management capabilities for critical endpoints. Its toolset allows you to improve user identity verification, organize granular access, deliver and manage temporary credentials, and reinforce purpose-based access principles.


Multi-factor authentication

Build a robust identity confirmation process for your critical endpoints with embedded two-factor authentication solutions based on credentials and confirmation codes from users’ mobile devices.


One-time passwords

Implement one-time passwords to organize emergency access and manage day-to-day access to your most critical endpoints. This functionality allows a security officer to generate a unique temporary password granting server access and send it to a user. Another option is to generate a one-time password at a user’s request via a form during the login procedure. All requests are then logged and manually processed by security experts, who decide whether to approve or deny temporary access.


Privileged access and session management

The PAM module in our system is developed according to NIST standards and helps manage access privileges on jump servers. With this toolset enabled on a jump box as an entry point, you can configure access rules to specific endpoints within a protected perimeter and securely store and manage the credentials of shared privileged accounts.


Windows macOS linux Unix vmware Citrix xWindow



Financial services and insurance


Government and military

Public administration




Complete Desktop and OS server support

A continuous monitoring and audit of critical endpoints is facilitated by our system. It is one the most advanced & effective user activity monitoring tool used in any network architecture. It works on various platforms such as Windows, MacOS and also works as a power audit tool in Linux/Unix, Windows X is also supported along with other well-known virtualization solutions. Both agent-based and jump-based deployments or any combination is supported by Kriptone.


Our security system software is designed to monitor, audit and keep track of hundreds & thousands of critical and non-critical endpoints on an enterprise level, it has been tried & tested successfully. The software has showed excellent stability & highest level of performance from the time of deployment. The platform provides high availability and multi-tenant deployment ensuring easy maintenance and great reliability. It also provides system resource and health monitoring dashboards and can handle maintenance tasks on a auto mode.

More than user activity monitoring solution

Besides tracking user activity, our system provides enhanced incident alerting and response functionality. But that’s not all. Using our system client, you can set up access and access and identity management.

Low total cost of ownership

Our system user activity monitoring software is affordable and is designed in a flexible way to fit every budget of your enterprise. It offers several unique & low-cost deployment options of varied size. It is available as small/medium pilot projects to large enterprise projects. Floating endpoint licensing facilitates licence reassignment in few clicks, however this process is automatic in virtual environments.


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