Features & Benifits

Features and Benefits

Kntrol provides extensive capabilities for monitoring and managing user activities across various platforms. It includes User Activity Monitoring to track login sessions and actions, Audio-Video Recording for capturing multimedia inputs, and Idle-Time Monitoring to monitor periods of user inactivity. Session Activities logging records detailed user interactions, while Screen Captures can be taken to document desktop activity. USB Monitoring tracks device connections, and Print Tracking monitors print jobs.

It also logs Clipboard data transfers, Email Activities, Application Usage, and Web Tracking for comprehensive oversight. Controlling and Blocking Features enable administrators to restrict access while Reporting Features offer Alerts for critical events, Risk Ranking for threat prioritisation, and a Policy Scheduler for automated enforcement.

compliance, and operational oversight

Advanced capabilities encompass File Monitoring for changes, Content Scanning for data inspection


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Solutions Features & Benefitns

Advance Insider Threat Prevention

Kntrol employs advanced analytics to detect and mitigate risks from trusted insiders, ensuring robust organizational security.

Real Time Monitoring and solution

Kntrol provides immediate insights and solutions to current operational issues or threats as they occur.

Comprehensive endpoint security

Kntrol ensures protection across all devices and networks, safeguarding against diverse cyber threats.

Device control and management

Kntrol oversees the regulation and administration of devices within a network, ensuring security and efficiency.

Policy enforcement and compliance

Kntrol ensure adherence to organizational rules and regulations through systematic monitoring and enforcement measures.

Fully Cycle Incident Response Capabilities

Kntrol ensures rapid and effective security incident detection, response, and recovery.

Data Loss Prevention

Kntrol’s DLP features monitor and control network data transfers to prevent unauthorized leakage of sensitive information.

Zero Trust

Kntrol approach ensures continuous verification and strict access controls to enhance security across networks and systems.

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