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At Kriptone, we revolutionize digital security with our cutting-edge technology designed to safeguard your data. Our innovative security solution, Kntrol, offers unparalleled features tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses in today’s dynamic landscape.

Discover the Power of Kriptone

Kriptone is not just another insider security system – it’s a comprehensive solution that captures on-screen user activity and transforms it into a fully indexed, searchable video stream. With real-time monitoring, easy archiving, and keyword-indexed search capabilities, Kriptone ensures that nothing escapes your scrutiny.
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Key Features That Set Us Apart

Keyword-indexed video of any session

Gain insights into user activities with indexed video records

Real-time alerts and live session view

Stay ahead of potential threats with instant alerts and live monitoring.

Keylogging and URL monitoring​

Track keystrokes and monitor website visits for enhanced security.​​

Forced user authentication​

Ensure accountability and prevent unauthorized access with forced authentication.

Unstoppable monitoring

Our system works seamlessly across all terminals, remote, and local sessions.

Affordable Security Solutions

Cost-Effective Security Solutions

At Kriptone , We Understand The Importance Of Value For Money. That’s Why We Offer Cost-Effective Security Solutions That Rival Industry Competitors. With Kriptone, You Get All The Essential Features At A Fraction Of The Cost.
Privileged Identity Management

Privileged Identity Management Made Easy

Take control of your corporate network with Kriptone’s privileged identity management capabilities. From Citrix to Microsoft servers, we enable you to create indexed video records of all concurrent terminal sessions, regardless of user permissions.
Globally Trusted by Leaders

Trusted by Leading Organizations Worldwide

Join the ranks of leading organizations worldwide who trust Kriptone for their audit, compliance, security, and productivity needs. From multinational corporations to prestigious institutions, our clients rely on Kriptone to safeguard their digital assets.
Boost Productivity & Security

Enhance Employee Productivity and Security

Are you concerned about your company’s security and productivity? With Kriptone, you can monitor employee activities during working hours, control sensitive information use, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
Docs & Pricing

Explore Documentation and Pricing

Ready to learn more? Dive into our Documentation section for user and administrator manuals, or explore our Promo materials for insightful white papers and product booklets. Curious about pricing? Request a quote today to discover how Kriptone can fit your infrastructure needs
Testimonials & Case Studies

Client Testimonials and Case Studies

Providing real-world examples of how Kriptone’s solutions have benefited specific clients, demonstrating their effectiveness and reliability in various industries and scenarios.

Elevate your digital presence with Kntrol

Precision assessment for unparalleled asset optimization

Planning & Scope Assessment

Define project goals and assess risks.

Discover & Access Controls

Automatically identify assets and manage user access.

Report & Fix Vulnerabilities

Monitor in real-time, generate reports, and automate fixes.


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