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Kriptone is a digital security company offering an innovative security system that captures on-screen user activity and records it into a fully indexed, searchable video stream. It provides real-time monitoring, archiving, keyword-based indexed search, and event-based alerts to help monitor user activities efficiently.

Kriptone works by recording video of all logged-in user screens and accompanying metadata, such as active application name, currently opened window title, and URL address. It enables full-text search through video records, allowing quick investigation of any incident and analysis of employee or third-party service provider activities.
  • Keyword-indexed video of any session
  • Real-time alerts and live session view
  • Keylogging and URL monitoring
  • Unstoppable monitoring
  • Forced user authentication
Kriptone offers all popular segment features at more beneficial pricing compared to other solutions
Kriptone mainly focuses on protect, Defend, Secure, and Vulnerability Assessment to maintain authenticity and detect vulnerabilities in corporate networks.
Kriptone enables employers to monitor employee activities during working hours, control sensitive information use, and detect any misuse or security breaches within the organization.
Kriptone stands out due to its advanced technology of screen capturing and processing, which enables fast, fully-featured full-text search through video records. It also offers real-time alerts, live session views, and keyword-indexed video of any session, providing comprehensive monitoring and analysis capabilities.
Yes, Kriptone offers a 30-day free trial period, allowing businesses to experience its features and benefits before making a purchase decision.
Kriptone is designed to be scalable and can accommodate the monitoring needs of large enterprises with multiple servers and workstations. It can be deployed across the entire corporate network to ensure comprehesive security monitoring.

Kriptone provides easy archiving of video records and metadata, allowing businesses to define retention policies based on their specific needs and regulatory requirements. The system ensures secure storage of recorded data, with options for on-premises or cloud-based storage.

 Yes, Kriptone can help prevent insider threats and unauthorized access by providing real-time alerts and monitoring of user activities. It allows businesses to detect suspicious behavior, unauthorized access attempts, and potential security breaches before they escalate.

Kriptone offers comprehensive support for users, including technical assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance on best practices for security monitoring and compliance. Support options may include documentation, online resources, and direct assistance from the Kriptone team.

Support Policy

At Kriptone, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional support to our valued clients. Our Support Policy outlines the comprehensive assistance you can expect when utilizing our products and services.
Types of Support

Kriptone Product Support & Maintenance Guidelines

When you acquire a license serial key for any of our solutions, you gain access to our Update & Support services. This ensures that you receive timely assistance and access to the latest updates and features.


Support Period

Your support duration is based on the activation of your license serial key. Throughout this period, you have access to all new releases and can reach out to our Support team for assistance with any covered issues.

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Supported Issues

Our technical support covers a wide range of areas, including installation, updates, operation, and uninstallation of our software and its components. However, please note that it does not extend to customer hardware or network issues.

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Prior Release Support

While we primarily support the latest official release of our products, during your support period, we offer informational support for prior releases. Additionally, you can always update to the latest version for optimal performance.


Contacting Support

Need assistance? Our dedicated Support team is just an email away. Reach out to us at, providing a detailed description of your issue and, if possible, attached log files. We strive to respond promptly within 24 hours.

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Log File Submission

For efficient troubleshooting, we encourage you to submit log files along with your support request. Log Collector tools are available for easy retrieval, ensuring a smooth resolution process.


Update & Support Renewal

After your initial support period expires, you have the option to renew for continued access to Update & Support services. Simply update your license serial key to enjoy uninterrupted assistance.

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End-of-Life Protocol

In the unlikely event of discontinuing product development, we'll notify existing customers six months in advance. During this period, support services will continue, ensuring a seamless transition for our valued clients.

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