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Kriptone Solutions LLP also referred to as Kriptone, has been a formidable force in the realm of security solutions since its inception in 2015. Our journey began with a singular vision – to be acknowledged globally as the premier provider of security solutions. This vision has been instrumental in our growth, fostering trust among customers and associates, which forms the bedrock of our operations.
As an IT services provider, Kriptone possesses a wealth of skills and expertise to tackle complex business challenges. Our core focus lies in delivering comprehensive Endpoint Security solutions tailored to the intricate needs of enterprises. Whether it’s safeguarding servers, desktops, or laptops, Kriptone is committed to ensuring the utmost security within corporate environments.

Mission & Values

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Our vision at Kriptone is ambitious yet clear-cut

Our vision is to be globally recognized as a top digital security provider, serving clients at every stage of their security journey and growing alongside them as trusted partners in navigating the complex security landscape.

We aspire to be more than just a service provider

We aim to be the trusted brand for comprehensive digital security solutions, including server security, monitoring, and auditing. By partnering with entrepreneurial clients, we foster growth with a commitment to accessibility, transparency, and affordability, ensuring their success.

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Our values serve as guiding principles that govern every aspect of our operations at Kriptone. Integrity is paramount; we take immense pride in our ethical values, refraining from making tall claims or false commitments. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships with clients, nurtured through transparency, honesty, and long-term partnerships.

Excellence is not merely a goal but a standard by which we measure our success. We are committed to delivering quality services that contribute to our clients' growth and success. Accountability is ingrained in our culture; we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, striving to fulfill our responsibilities and exceed client expectations.


At Kriptone, our objectives are rooted in our core pillars and commitment to business ethics. Our primary goal is to exceed client expectations by under-committing and over-delivering, ensuring exceptional service


Our collaborations with clients are founded on mutual trust and years of business relations. We remain dedicated to serving our clients from inception to fruition, fostering enduring partnerships along the way.


At Kriptone, service is our calling. We prioritize client needs, offering top-notch guidance and support to enhance their success. Our growth is tied to theirs, motivating us to continually exceed expectations.


At Kriptone, innovation drives us. We stay current with the latest technologies, providing clients with cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions that ensure seamless accessibility, security, and a paperless, efficient environment.
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