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Terminal, Remote, Local Sessions Recordings
Kriptone presents Kntrol, which is intended to perform common and privileged user monitoring by capturing video of the screen of any computer and server in the network.
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About Kriptone

Kriptone, a digital security company, is a highly innovative security system based on capturing on-screen user activity and recording it into a fully indexed, searchable video stream. The new system creates indexed video records of all concurrent terminal, remote and local sessions. Based on the advanced technology of screen capturing and processing, the system enables fast, fully-featured full-text search through video records of everything taking place on the screens of computers being monitored.

Real-time monitoring, easy archiving, keyword-based indexed search and event-based alerts will help monitor user activities without going through the numerous log files. It helps businesses comply with government regulations, and delivers the most cost-effective solution in its market segment.

It is a modern solution for your corporate network that enables common and privileged user monitoring. Being installed on a server or workstation, the Client records video of all logged-in user screens and accompanying metadata like active application name, currently opened window title, URL address, etc.

The solution provides full-functional playback for all session records as well as easy search by metadata keywords. Thus you can quickly find key episodes to investigate any incident and analyze the work of your employees, administrators, or third-party service providers. Only because of our out of the box solution, nothing will hide from you: internal data misuse, competitor contacts, data and infrastructure corruption, fraud issues, etc. The System is developed to work on servers and workstations in the corporate network to help mainly in Audit, Compliance, Security and Vulnerability Assessment to maintain authenticity and to detect vulnerability in your esteemed organization. Kriptone aims at providing the best solutions to create value to the company and customer satisfaction..

Feature Highlights

  • Keyword-indexed video of any session
  • Real-time alerts and live session view
  • Keylogging and URL monitoring
  • Unstoppable monitoring
  • Forced user authentication

Cost Saver on the Market

Kntrol provides all popular segment features while offering much more beneficial pricing than ObserveIT, Balabit, or Netwrix.

Privileged Identity Management

Kntrol allows to create indexed video records of all concurrent terminal sessions on your Citrix, Microsoft, and other servers and also record remote and local sessions on workstations - regardless user permissions.


Work Control

Are you interested in your company's security? Do you want to know what your employees do during their working hours? Do you want to control sensitive information use?

Documentation and Materials

Want to learn more? See the Documentation section where you will find User and Administrator manuals, and also take a look at the Promo materials section where various product booklets and white papers are posted.

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Learn how much Kntrol will cost for your infrastructure. Providing us with some details, you will get quick answer concerning price, recommended configuration, and deployment aspects for your very enterprise.

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