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About Us

Kriptone Solutions LLP(Kriptone)’, a security solutions provider company established in year 2015, with a vision to get recognized globally with the best security solutions provider in the world. This vision has helped us to grow and build the trust of customers and associates which is at cornerstone of everything we do.


Kriptone is an IT services provider company which has skills and expertise to facilitate complex business solutions, having a clear focus in providing comprehensive Endpoint Security on servers, desktops and laptops of an enterprise.





Our Vision is to get ranked among the best & most sought after Digital security solution Provider Company and to serve our clients in every step of their digital security issues. Our vision is to grow with our client’s growth.


It is our vision to be the trusted brand for all round digital security solutions, server security, monitoring and auditing solutions for organisations, enterprise and corporates, partner all our entrepreneurial client towards sound growth, ensuring easy accessibility, transparency & affordability.


It is our visions to continuously enhance the growth process, engaging customers in both SMB and big enterprise segments, working with small firms, public and educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies.





The foundation of Kriptone Security systems is based on the below pillars. Each pillar defines our commitment and business ethics towards our clients.


Our Objective is to exceed our client’s expectations, to under commit and over deliver.





We take pride in our strong ethical values, we do not make any tall claims and false commitments, we never misguide our clients or build castle on air.





Trust with our clients is an important asset and our goodwill earned is based on trust and mutual faith. Our relationships are mostly long term and repetitive.





Our able team quests for excellence in every job we do. We deliver quality service to our clients and excellence of service is rewarded by clients that attributes to our growth.




With our sincere team accountability is predominant. We go to lengths for our clients, leave no stone unturned to have you fully satisfied and have each of the responsibilities fulfilled.





Each collaboration with our clients are long term. The collaborations are mainly based on mutual trust and years of business relation. We remain at service to our clients from the very beginning.





Service before self being out motto, our main aim is to provide the best guidance to our clients in every aspect of business, to try enhance our clients profitability in business, stay committed to our services. We understand that our growth depends on the growth of our clients.





In the modern age innovation has taken the driver seat. We do our best to remain up to date and innovative to latest technologies and practices. Our services are cloud based and are easily accessible to our clients even on the move. The documents are secure in our central servers thus creating a paperless environment.





Our team is our backbone and member of our family. We focus on the well being of our team members and initiate various programs round the year that are dedicated towards all round growth and development, sound mental health and a secure future.

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