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Monitor insider activity. Detect anomalies. Respond to incidents.
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Kriptone is a universal user activity monitoring software platform that covers each node of your infrastructure.


Session Recording

User activity of all sessions can be recorded in a video format, along with text metadata with our security system software.


It also records input and output audio streams on endpoints by its activity tracking software.


It provides Citrix and Windows user activity monitoring on servers and workstations with local, RDP, and terminal session recording.


It also provides Telnet SSH session recording for Linux/UNIX servers.

The recordings include all important details about remote access and user connections of each session, the recordings can also be exported for further scrutiny and investigation if needed.

Advanced Monitoring Format

The core monitoring format of our system software provides the following insight/details of the user :

  • It provides high-performance video

  • Multilayer metadata indexing

  • Names of active application included

  • Active windows titles

  • URLs of website visited

  • Commands & scripts executed

  • The number of devices connected

  • Types of keystrokes

The video recording tool of our security system solution is highly efficient and can monitor and log on user activity continuously. It allows fast comprehension & reconstruction, provide tools to respond quick enough to check any risk factors. These video recordings have multilayer text indexing, hence it makes it searchable and helps in detailed scrutiny and verification. The recordings can be optimized to achieve high level of performance.

Real-time User Activity Monitoring & Incident Alerts

This system is one of the best security systems available in modern day. It monitors user activities and at the same time records user sessions in real time.


The robust security system can assist the authorities and security officials to monitor any insider security breach or any malicious activity by any employee of the company, any attempt of theft during limited period of time or any attempt to exfiltrate corporate data. The system uses User behaviour analytics subsystems that are AI based, that keeps on checking activity of each user session, against a normal baseline to detect any deviation or any account compromise.


against a normal baseline to detect deviations and possible account compromise in a timely manner.


Another layer of security is available in the form of Alerting subsystems which is based on customizable rules. This can be used to provide an additional layer of security cover for the most sensitive assets and sensitive situations. You can set your own rules using the various security parameters, you may also use the alert options from the template library options, that detects and gets activated during any typical insider threat/ breach of security.   


After an alert signal is picked up, the following actions are initiated by the system software automatically

  • A fast incident response mechanism is activated

  • Notification is published that includes suspicious activity and session details

  • Links of session videos for fast inspection

  • If the session is LIVE, the authorities can check and view in real time

  • For more serious matters/ security breach an automatic blocking & warning message can be initiated

USB Monitoring & Control

Our System User activity monitoring system ensures vigilant control of the connected devices also. It uses a powerful tracking software that detects usage of any kind of external hard drive or USB equipment, even modems, keyboards. This tracking software can be seen as a strong USB device monitoring & management function.

Our user activity monitoring system can detect and identify other connections and the security team can be alerted about it. Apart from monitoring the software is capable of setting up rules like blocking devices as per pre-set rules, blacklisting & whitelists.

As a special case there is a system where USB device approval can be taken manually, that allows usage of USB device for a given time period (as a special permission).

Record Filtering

Our security system software developed for monitoring computer activity of privileged users, enable more focused logging mechanism. In usual circumstances on any given day, the software will detect & monitor user activity and log hundreds & thousands of actions.


There are plenty of filter options provided by the system software that is used to record user activity in a most glitch free fashion. It has a mechanism where you can record only a specific number of most important applications or as per a set up list of Private/non-critical applications & URLs.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring or uninterrupted monitoring is the most vital requirement of any security software providing user activity monitoring tool.

An offline monitoring options is also available in the user activity tracking software. Even if the network connection is lost, the software will continue to collect monitoring data remotely and save it in a secure storage. After the connection is re-established the collected data is automatically sent to the central storage as per the performance-aware protocol.

The client setting modifications can be enabled to ensure protection against unauthorised client uninstallation, component editing of solutions, process interruption and other actions to faulter the monitoring process. Any kind of suspicious activity or intrusion can be blocked, detected and actioned upon by any user with any level of privilege by our security software.



Complete Desktop and OS server support

A continuous monitoring and audit of critical endpoints is facilitated by our system. It is one the most advanced & effective user activity monitoring tool used in any network architecture. It works on various platforms such as Windows, MacOS and also works as a power audit tool in Linux/Unix, Windows X is also supported along with other well-known virtualization solutions. Both agent-based and jump-based deployments or any combination is supported by Kriptone.


Our security system software is designed to monitor, audit and keep track of hundreds & thousands of critical and non-critical endpoints on an enterprise level, it has been tried & tested successfully. The software has showed excellent stability & highest level of performance from the time of deployment. The platform provides high availability and multi-tenant deployment ensuring easy maintenance and great reliability. It also provides system resource and health monitoring dashboards and can handle maintenance tasks on a auto mode.

More than user activity monitoring solution

Besides tracking user activity, our system provides enhanced incident alerting and response functionality. But that’s not all. Using our system client, you can set up access and access and identity management.

Low total cost of ownership

Our system user activity monitoring software is affordable and is designed in a flexible way to fit every budget of your enterprise. It offers several unique & low-cost deployment options of varied size. It is available as small/medium pilot projects to large enterprise projects. Floating endpoint licensing facilitates licence reassignment in few clicks, however this process is automatic in virtual environments.


Windows macOS linux Unix vmware Citrix xWindow


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