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Meeting IT Compliance Requirements

IT compliance requirements are a complex issue which present a great deal of challenges to businesses of any size. Technology compliance rules often require you to monitor hundreds and even thousands of deployed applications. It is important that solutions for meeting compliance requirements are efficient, cost-effective, and non-intrusive.
One of the most widespread IT security compliance requirements states that every action that could impact sensitive data must be tracked. A possible solution is to record all database queries from the main user application. However, if there are 3rd-party utilities accessing data independently, this approach is useless.


Meet IT compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NERC, and others with a single tool


We provides you with video log data of all sessions from all endpoints of your enterprise network thus allowing you to capture all on-screen activities regardless of the type of program or service used. Our system records all application work, visited URLs, typed keystrokes, and even identifies plugged-in USB devices.


Our system meets information technology compliance standards in the following ways:

  • Identifying, monitoring, and authenticating administrator and 3rd party access

  • Access via the authentication system, which includes two-factor authentication, one-time passwords and assigning a unique ID to each person with computer access

  • Monitoring and controlling all privileged user access

  • Monitoring and logging all users' access

  • Monitoring and tracking all access to sensitive data

  • Providing an access policy and report tool to get the evidence to forensics and investigators if needed

  • Enabling authentication on servers and monitoring remote access sessions

  • Logging backdoor sessions

  • Logging all user activity and activity on servers and monitoring USB ports

  • Providing incident response via session replay, event logs, user blocking, and USB device blocking

  • Providing the possibility to view monitored data in offline mode via export to a protected file (without installation of additional software)

Efficient IT Security Compliance Solution


With our system, your organization can meet IT compliance requirements of various standards such as HIPAA, NERC, FFIEC, FISMA, FERPA, PCI, and SOX all at once thus eliminating the need for several dedicated solutions. Our system provides complete coverage of all user activity on servers and desktops, whether it is an application, a webpage opened in an Internet browser, or any visible area of the screen. This provides compliance auditors with undeniable evidence and our system allows you to quickly create audit reports which can be performed with easy keyword searches.


  • Monitoring every application from start to end - Our system allows you to save the time of compliance officers who spend dozens of hours collecting information on each and every application used in the corporate network hoping to make sure that it has a component responsible for compliance audit logging. Regardless of the type of software application, all activity performed is recorded in an integrated video format. As such our system eliminates the need to monitor each application separately.

  • Ensuring credibility - Our system provides reliable security infrastructure and complete playback of user sessions which proves the credibility of the source of user activity. You can store data in secure MS SQL databases in order to comply with database security protocols.

  • Revealing the true identity of the “administrator” - Regulatory compliance in IT, where user identity can be shared or associated with an automated system process, stresses the necessity to assign an exact individual user / person to particular actions. You cannot provide an external auditor with convincing evidence if data was accessed via a shared “administrator” account. To meet IT compliance requirements, the identity of the person accessing the data must be provided. Our system provides you with an advanced authentication tool, allowing you to reveal the exact identity of the user.

A highly flexible pricing model makes our system one of the best solutions to ensure IT compliance with the requirements, allowing cost-effective deployment on any number of endpoints.

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