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Identity Management
Manage identities. Control access. Mitigate insider threats.
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Your censorious assets need to be prevented from fallacious people and the only key to it is Identity Management. A threat is treacherous when it exists in the soul of an organisation, from employees exchanging passwords, having compromised accounts exposed or people who are hiding behind shared and default accounts. It becomes an essential part of insider alleviation by default.


Principal tasks of identity and access management (IAM) systems include:

  • Validating and sanctioning users in a secure yet convenient manner

  • Assigning actions to concerned users and individualize every account.

  • Controlling access permissions in a granular, time-based, and purpose-based manner

  • Authenticated users to be monitored and audited

  • Any incident related to security breach must be responded immediately

  • Security best practices to be implemented and all compliance requirement to be addressed


Our System delivers an essential identity management toolset, helping you with these tasks and ensuring compliance with multiple security regulations as well as NIST security controls.


Identity management software addresses an establishment’s vigorous need for consistent validation of users’ individualities and explicit provenance of each action to a specific soul. Our supple identity management dais is flawlessly integrated with access control, user activity monitoring, and incident response functionality.

Multi-factor authentication

Alleviate the risk of invasions with the help of our two-factor authentication (2FA) tool. 2FA serves as an added authentication that the person attempting to access your critical assets is who they claim to be.



This feature adds one more level of protection to your serious endpoints and complex data by combining two factors:

  • Information (user credentials)

  • Ownership (authorized mobile device)


Our system applies a proven time-based one-time password scheme as different to costly SMS and physical tokens. Our 2FA tool can be deployed on any Windows and Linux server or workstation under any of our licenses.

Secondary authentication to identify users of shared and built-in accounts

Complete perceptibility and transparency over actions performed under generic permits (root or admin) with the help of our system's secondary
verification feature.


You can use this tool to:

  • Attribute actions of anonymous admins and default OS accounts to individuals

  • Comply with security ethics regarding explicit user–action credit

  • Simplify incident investigation by tracking a user’s actions across accounts


Our secondary authentication feature is available for every customer under any license.

Privileged access management

Once handler uniqueness is confirmed, the next stage is managing admission permissions with access management capabilities. Secure your critical endpoints and ensure granular access by:

  • Passing on, uplifting, dismissing, and managing access privileges

  • Granting temporary access permissions by request

  • Reviewing privileged user action

  • Vesting real-time incident response

Privileged access management (PAM) functionality comprises honored account and session management (PASM), password management, one-time passwords, ticketing system integration, and more.


Our system manages privileged access to ensure compliance

Desired level of Access management and assurance of privileged account management are the two major requirements that comes under compliance regulations. This compliance requirement can be achieved at ease with our system’s privileged access management security solutions.


To provide accurate level of privilege account handling and access is one of the most important demand of most of the compliance norms. The privilege access management system supports all these compliance requirements efficiently and easily in simple steps .






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